Monthly Archives: May 2010

Wedding Magazine Worthy?

This past weekend I shot an extremely extravagant wedding. I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement portraits a while back, so I already knew they were a fun couple and had a ton of energy. When a couple is really into their photos, you can push them much harder for more edgy and creative […]

It’s Alive!!!

With the last few mouse clicks, the new and drastically improved website went up earlier today! I have worked long and hard to bring you the best of my work and display it in a way that is appealing and showcases my abilities. Countless hours were spent in selecting and preparing the images for this […]

Major Website Upgrade Coming Soon!

Calling all readers! Over the past few weeks I have been working tirelessly on a complete website upgrade. I like to call it version 2.0. I know, very original! There will be significant speed upgrades as I know that the load times were long. We the internet generation cannot wait the full 48 seconds […]