Monthly Archives: July 2010

It all started as an Ordinary Day… 1

First of all, let me give you the circumstances that I am writing this blog post in. It is after 2AM, I am absolutely exhausted and still wearing a suit. I just walked in the door and had to start writing this post RIGHT AWAY. This is how important it was that I write what […]

An Adventure in Food

A few years ago I really got into fitness. I loved everything about it and have even competed on a national stage. This requires countless hours at the gym and dedication to your intake of healthy food. Being a wedding photographer really tests your willpower on the “intake of healthy food”. I work at some […]

“It does not Rain on Pateras!”

After three years of shooting weddings and engagements for Boston Avenue, I hold a very distinct record among all the photographers at the studio. It has never rained on me a single time during formal photography. I just thought it was an amazing coincidence until this past Friday. For those of you who live in […]

Rain Instantly Stopped! Snapped with my iPhone