Yearly Archives: 2011

Coming of Age

I don’t pretend to be the knower of all things, but having traveled so much, I can confidently say that I am extremely cultured. I have also had the privilege to capture weddings and other events from all religious faiths. I am an avid student of the world and knowledge is like a narcotic to […]

Remembering 9/11 2

I have to first apologise again to all of you. I still have at least two more articles that I am working on from California. Because of the amazing images I captured and also because 9/11 is such an important subject to me, I made this article a priority. The remaining California articles are still […]

Anti Capitalist Protesters

Light up the Night Sky

The one thing I love about being a travel photographer is all of the different cultural ceremonies and traditions I get to experience. When I am able to experience something new here at home, it makes my life away from travel all the more enjoyable! Shelly and Asim asked me to photograph their wedding when […]