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8,000 Buried Warriors

I arrived in Xian (pronounced See-ann) yesterday, and immediately went out exploring. I only had two nights booked here, so I knew I needed to move fast if I wanted to capture all of the sites. I started immediately with the parks and pagodas in Xian. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda was my first stop […]

The Terracotta Warriors and Cavalry of Xian

View of the Financial District from The Bund

Shanghai Surprise! 3

I do a fair bit of research before I reach any destination, and in researching Shanghai, I thought it was going to be just another big city. To my surprise, it was one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities I have ever seen! I rely heavily on the reviews and advice provided by […]

Seoul’s Got Soul! 3

As you all know, I am not afraid to get into an uncomfortable spot to get a great photograph. The earthquake in Japan was obviously more than a little uncomfortable, I spent the last few days in Seoul, South Korea in another uncomfortable spot. Being only about 40 kilometres from the 38th parallel and the […]

BBQ Meat, Kimchi and other Korean Delights

The Temple of Heaven

Highway to Heaven

Yesterday was my last full day in Beijing. I saved two of the largest attractions for a Monday instead of visiting on the weekend, thinking the crowds would have died down. I thought wrong. There is only one thing in the world I hate more than being in crowds of people. That is being in […]

A Great View and Experience

The Greatest Wall of All 6

Construction of the Great Wall of China started around the 5th century BC and was rebuilt and maintained until the 16th century. It stretches for 8,852 kilometres, so I am definitely not walking the entire thing! It is an amazing structure that offers an amazing opportunity for some fantastic photos. When I toured Asia with […]

Finally… Relief! 3

I am writing this blog entry sitting on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) out of Tokyo. I know that a lot of you were concerned for my safety. Thank you for all of the messages, prayers and words of safe passage. I made it. In exactly one hour and forty three minutes the train will pull […]

Enjoying an Ice Coffee and my View from the Train

In Tokyo, it was hard to find any significant damage. Some small cracks and broken monuments

Japan’s Catastrophe 14

***NOTE: This Blog post has been edited by Newsweek Magazine for publication in it’s next edition*** As a photojournalist who aims to capture the beauty of our planet’s cultures, I left my hotel room on Thursday morning excited to document the manic energy of Tokyo’s sprawling megalopolis. There was no way I could have known […]