My Photo Expedition to Africa

Almost Home… 1

As I sit by the pool sipping on my reverse osmosis purified water, I can’t help but to reflect on the last 2 months. They have gone by in a flash. I have visited seven world heritage sites, added eight new countries to my list, swam with great white sharks, jumped with the Maasi warriors, […]

Tugged at my Heart Strings

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with photography or Travel. This was just a great experience. For the most part, the people of Africa have been very friendly and warm. There were a few moments in touristy areas that have been a little bit of a battle. How many times must I tell this man […]

U2 Has Rejuvenated Me

An Unfortunate Chain of Events

Let’s be honest, I am a very cautious person, especially when I travel. I watch what I eat, what I drink, what I brush my teeth with and I even make sure to keep my lips tightly sealed in the shower. When you are travelling in Africa for two months, it’s only a matter of […]

Not just another Big Hole in the Ground

About three million years ago, a mountain larger than Kilimanjaro stood where Ngorongoro Crater is today. In a very violent eruption, it was turned into a 19 kilometre wide crater now home to the most dense wildlife population I have seen in Africa. As I descended over 600 metres into the crater, I could already […]

19 KM Wide Ngorongoro Crater

African Paradise

After the feast of tropical fruits, I boarded my local transportation and was swept off to Nungwi beach. I have seen some of the world’s greatest beaches, but what I saw today surprised even me. As the driver weaved through these narrow streets on the way to my beach bungalow, I was able to get […]

Jumping in... Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

Fresh Coconut

Ginger and Cinnamon and Vanilla… OH MY!

On my way to the east coast of Zanzibar, I was brought to a local spice plantation for a tour and sampling of spices and fruits that are locally grown. The growing and processing of vanilla pods, pepper corn vines, lemongrass plants, ginger root and cinnamon trees were explained in detail. I was able to […]

Yet another World Heritage Site

Stonetown, Zanzibar was the next stop on the expedition. This island has not had power for over three months, so I didn’t know what to expect. Walking through the streets at night, I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. Since there were a very minimal number of lights running on generators, the sky […]

Rushing Home Before Sundown... Stonetown, Zanzibar

Stonetown Doorway in Zanzibar


…is Swahili for “No Worries”. When I got off the ferry this morning in Stonetown on the island of Zanzibar, I really felt like I had no worries. I didn’t have much planned except a little R&R for these next four days, but today turned out to be one of the best days for photos […]