General Version 3.0 is Live! 1

Well here it is! I have been working at it for months, reprocessing every single image to make them perfect for this, the biggest update yet. Aside from perfecting the image quality, I have added a ton of new features to the site. The first thing you will notice is that it is much more […]

I’m Sorry!

I had a strip torn off of me by one of my regular readers a few days ago and it was a wakeup call that I need to be writing more often. To my regular readers, I am very sorry I have not written anything in a little while. When you see what I have […]

Tuners of the World Unite!

Last year I had the pleasure of being commissioned to cover the Importfest event. This is an annual car show where all types of car enthusiasts bring their wheels to try to win a piece of the pie and obtain bragging rights in the tuner community. I was again invited this year, but unfortunately the […]


P.C.H. Day 1 – Lambotown!

As I made my way out of San Francisco and down the pacific coast highway, it was a little chilly but I did not come all this way to drive the PCH with the top up. I donned a hoodie, cranked the heat and sucked it up. I was only about 20 minutes into the […]

Show of Force

San Fran Cable Car

Rice-a-Roni? Didn’t See Any!

Ahhh, San Francisco… I love this city. Its such a gorgeous place to photograph and it has something for everyone. It is a place with great food, beautiful scenery and very vibrant people. You could spend a week just photographing the buildings alone, and then there is the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the […]

Castles in the Sky

The last time I drove the coast of California, I was rushed and I didn’t get to see it in the detail that I wanted. By the time I had reached Hearst Castle coming south down the PCH, it was closed. This time around I was not going to let this happen. This place definitely […]

Hearst Castle

California Cruising

Surf City, Here We Come!

Without a doubt, this has been my busiest wedding season to date. I had a few weeks free in August so I decided to get away and relax while doing some more portfolio work.  Destination… California! My first stop was Los Angeles, where as luck would have it, the US Open of Surfing was being […]

It all started as an Ordinary Day… 1

First of all, let me give you the circumstances that I am writing this blog post in. It is after 2AM, I am absolutely exhausted and still wearing a suit. I just walked in the door and had to start writing this post RIGHT AWAY. This is how important it was that I write what […]

An Adventure in Food

A few years ago I really got into fitness. I loved everything about it and have even competed on a national stage. This requires countless hours at the gym and dedication to your intake of healthy food. Being a wedding photographer really tests your willpower on the “intake of healthy food”. I work at some […]

Thank You #1,000!

Thanks to all of YOU, has reached its 1,000th visitor! This is a huge milestone. Google analytics tracking has informed me that I have had visitors from over 30 countries including New Zealand, Bangladesh, Russia, Italy and Romania, just to name a few! I have not been blogging as much as I would like […]

Wedding Magazine Worthy?

This past weekend I shot an extremely extravagant wedding. I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement portraits a while back, so I already knew they were a fun couple and had a ton of energy. When a couple is really into their photos, you can push them much harder for more edgy and creative […]