Hurricane Earl has Nothing on Me!

I had two weddings scheduled this past Labour Day weekend, both of which were planned mostly as an outdoor day. Both of them were also at the Old Mill Inn and Spa near Bloor and Royal York, but there was once more piece to the puzzle… We had the leftovers of two hurricanes coming through […]

An Adventure in Food

A few years ago I really got into fitness. I loved everything about it and have even competed on a national stage. This requires countless hours at the gym and dedication to your intake of healthy food. Being a wedding photographer really tests your willpower on the “intake of healthy food”. I work at some […]

“It does not Rain on Pateras!”

After three years of shooting weddings and engagements for Boston Avenue, I hold a very distinct record among all the photographers at the studio. It has never rained on me a single time during formal photography. I just thought it was an amazing coincidence until this past Friday. For those of you who live in […]

Rain Instantly Stopped! Snapped with my iPhone

Bad Boys, Bad Boys… Whatcha Gonna Do…

This past weekend was a great experience, even for the most seasoned veteran wedding photog. The day started like any other beautiful summer wedding at the brides house. The addition of a vintage Chevy Camaro definitely added some fresh flavour to the images. The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was when we arrived […]