Not just another Big Hole in the Ground

About three million years ago, a mountain larger than Kilimanjaro stood where Ngorongoro Crater is today. In a very violent eruption, it was turned into a 19 kilometre wide crater now home to the most dense wildlife population I have seen in Africa.

As I descended over 600 metres into the crater, I could already see an uncountable number of black specks, dotting the green crater floor. Those specks turned out to be thousands and thousands of Zebra, Wildebeest and Buffalo populating the crater. Scores of pink flamingos dotted the shallow lake with Zebras in the foreground. It was a photographer’s dream.

I was up close and personal with ostrich, baboons and elephants. Hippos were relaxing and doing shoulder rolls in mud pools while grunting. This was African Lion Safari on steroids. At some points I was too close to the animals to use my 400mm lens!

As our convoy of vehicles stopped for lunch, one of the less seasoned travellers ate his lunch out in the open as an eagle snatched his chicken drumstick right out of his hands. He very quickly came to eat with the rest of us back in the Land Cruisers.

Out here, it really is survival of the fittest.

19 KM Wide Ngorongoro Crater

19 KM Wide Ngorongoro Crater

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