“Put Some Windex on it!”

As I work on catching up on the blog, it brings us all to the wedding day of Amy and George. If you have been a follower of my blog for a while, you will definitely know the happy couple! Back in October of 2010, I shot their engagement photos in Ingersoll, Ontario. It was […]

One for the Books! 4

First of all, I must apologize to all of my regular readers. This summer has been a whirlwind of activity for me and I have not been able to update my blog for quite some time. Rest assured that there will be plenty to read going forward! I have been working on delivering the massive amounts of […]

Destination Wedding in Mexico

Hola from Me-hiko! I know I told a bunch of you that I was going to try and update the blog with images of my first destination wedding of the season on the fly… Unfortunately, the Internet speed at this gorgeous resort is so slow that it has taken me 7 minutes to log in […]

Man Vs Food... Man Lost!

Sadly, all great things come to an end…

I am writing to you from where else… an airport! It is 4:00am and I am on yet another flight, this time heading to the Mayan Riviera to shoot my first destination wedding of the season. I have to apologise as I have not updated my blog in a while. After the expedition ended, I […]

7,000 Years in the Making 2

When I was not allowed to board my flight from Amman to Dubai, I was very upset. I had planned to visit an old friend and enjoy the wild nightlife for a weekend in the city of excess. Because I had not arranged a Visa, the plan had to change. I franticly looked for a […]


Al-Khazneh: "The Treasury" and most famous spot

An Incredible Day of History

The Kingdom of Jordan was high on my list of places to visit for one main reason: The Ancient City of Petra. It was made extremely famous by the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” where the final sequence was shot. Unfortunately, I did not see Sean Connery and Harrison Ford riding out on […]

Interview with the Travel Experts @ Flight Centre

I was recently interviewed by Alicia Taggio at Flight Centre. I am now a featured travel photographer on their website. They wanted a little bit of the story behind how I got into this line of work and some images from my current expedition. The link is below, have a look! CLICK HERE FOR THE […]

View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

The Crossroads of Religion

After the amazing experience that was Easter of 2011, the absolute highlight of my entire expedition, I still wanted to bring you the essence of this amazing city. As you all know, Jerusalem is the focal point for three of the world’s biggest religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I started my morning at the Western […]

Bearing Witness to a Miracle 3

This entire expedition was built around one thing: To spend Easter in Jerusalem. In fact, the only hotel that I had booked before leaving home was the hotel here in Jerusalem. I have finally arrived and it signals the pinnacle of a four month long expedition. I drove into the city and I was immediately […]

The smoke from thousands of candles created a beautiful haze

It feels like Flying!

From a Hilltop Citadel to Flying in Water

My first stop was yesterday was Masada, a hill fortress built by King Herod as a refuge for himself in the event of a revolt. After the construction of the complex, there were many other historic points to mention. The most famous was the siege of the fortress by the Romans in 72 AD where […]

From Beach to Beach

In the first two days here, I put over 850km on my rental car. Most of which was yesterday in my long trek from Tel Aviv to Eilat. The progression of scenery changed so many times, it seemed like I was traveling thousands of kilometres and not mere hundreds. As I left Tel Aviv and […]

Campers and people sleeping in their cars... I was lucky to find a room!

The River Jordan

Biblical Backdrop

I arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel late Monday night and just wanted to get some sleep after over 24 hours of transit and layovers. After updating the blog and having some breakfast the next morning, I got in my rental car and headed up the coast. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the warm […]

The Last Stop in Southeast Asia 2

It has been more than three months since I left home on this expedition and it seems like forever since I was able to unwind and relax. The last month has been frenetic, but I was meeting with an old friend in Kuala Lumpur. I knew we would definitely have some good old fashioned fun. […]

Mangosteen, another super exotic fruit

Cambodian BBQ

Viewer Discretion is Advised 1

Before I get into this next post, I have to warn my readers that there may be some images that are upsetting to some viewers. Please keep this in mind while you continue. I really try and bring you an authentic experience, digging deep and traveling far off the beaten path. This sometimes brings me […]

Indiana Jones for a Day 3

This morning was the earliest wakeup call of the entire expedition so far. At 4:00am my iPhone played one of my favourite songs as I dragged myself out of bed. I was planning on putting the Temples off for a few days to give my body and mind a rest after the whirlwind that was […]

Small town Cambodia