Ten Minutes to Live

Our local guide “Galaxy” pulled us aside right before venturing out on our hike to give us the two minute survival brief. He explained that if charged by a rhino, elephant or hippo, you have to run as fast as you can in a zig zagging pattern and then up a tree. At this point I was wondering what I had gotten myself into.

He made it very clear that he was not kidding, and then went on to explain the true killer of the Okavango Delta. The Black Mamba has the most deadly bite in this area. If bitten you have ten minutes to make your last blog post or Blackberry BBM message. He assured us that if bitten by a Puff Adder, we had 24 hours to get to a hospital (or Internet Cafe).

After the survival brief we ventured out into the lush green grassland to see elephants, storks, hippos and many other animals in their natural surroundings. The mercury soared to 38 degrees Celsius as we hiked around the huge elephant footprints that looked like bomb craters.

At this point, you realize that you are in the animal’s domain, living by their rules. There are no cages, fences or snack carts. You have a real feeling of danger and you realize that this is nothing like going to the zoo…

Sunset on the Delta

Sunset on the Delta

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